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Canada’s Visit Visa in 5 Days. No Supporting Documents Required Posted on: 24-11-2014

 CAN+ Programme for Indian Visitors Will Have 95% Approval Rate, Said Chris Alexander, Citizenship and Immigration Minister.

Chris Alexander, Citizenship and Immigration Minister of Canada has launched a Can+ Programme in India recently. It is a pilot programme aimed to ease tourist visa processing for Indian tourists. Indians who have visited Canada or the United States on aUS Visit Visa in the last 10 years can apply for a Canadian Visa under this programme.


The visa application will be processed in 5 days and to that the applicants do not have to submit any supporting documents either. The minister said, “The programme is open to Indian nationals who have travelled to Canada or to the US within the  last 10 years. They will benefit from expedited processing and will free up visa officers to work on other cases, improving overall processing time for all Indian travellers.”

Can+ Programme will make it easier for business, leisure, and VFR travellers to get a Canadian visa. Applicants just have to submit a proof of their previous travel to either of the two countries and their application will be processed in 5 days flat with an approval rate of 95%. Currently, normal Canadian visa processing time is 10 working days and the approval rate is slightly lower.

Talking about India as a source market, Mr. Alexander said, “In 2013, over 130,000 visitor visas were issued to Indians and nearly 14,000 Indian students were issued study  permits. Canada is committed to surpass the growth by making visa processing more efficient. CAN+ is the latest among the various programmes that make travel easier and to facilitate economic growth. Even during the pilot phase of the programme, 30 per cent of the visitor visas issued for Indians was CAN+.”

Canada has been quite successful with Indian tourists earlier with Super Family Visa and other initiatives. This programme is also expected to be a success allowing people with travel history to Canada and the US to get their Canadian visas.


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