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Grain crops at about 591,000 tons in Armenia in 2014 Posted on: 25-11-2014
Grain crops amounted to about 591,000 tons in Armenia in 2014 compared to 548,700 in 2013, Armenia’s deputy minister of agriculture Samvel Galstyan said referring to preliminary data.  heat crop was about 340,000 tons this year against 311,500 tons in 2013, Galstyan told a press conference on Tuesday.  otato crops increased from 660,500 tons in 2013 to 691,400 tons this year. Positive dynamics is seen also in production and export of melons and watermelons – from 208,000 tons in 2013 to 245,000 tons this year.
A total of 296,100 tons of fruits and berries were harvested in 2014, 42,000 tons less than the year before, due to spring frosts damaging apricot and nut crops. Yet, other fruit crops were higher this year than in 2013, Galstyan said.  rape crop was 258,000 tons against 240,800 tons in 2013.  The deputy minister referred also to some qualitative indicators. This year active measures were taken to protect crops from pests that caused damage to potatoes and tomatoes in 2013, he said. In particular, pheromone traps were used, mainly in Ararat and Armavir regions. Anti-pest measures will be taken in 2015 as well and will cover also fruit trees and vineyards, he said.
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