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Bosses warned: Holding your passport is illegal Posted on: 03-12-2014

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Bosses warned: Holding your passport is illegal


Let’s start out this letter with its chief takeaway: it is ILLEGAL for your company to withhold your passport.

I am amazed at how prevalent this practice still is in Dubai.

Employers effectively hold their employees hostage by denying them access to these important documents.

Without one, one is denied the freedom of passage that this booklet affords them. It is incredibly sad how few expat workers take the time to review their rights in this regard.

In most passports lies an important piece of information: your passport is the property of the issuing government and the holder is the only party permitted to hold it.

You are its custodian, not its owner. Therefore, it is not your property to relinquish and certainly not the property of your employer to hold.

It’s time that awareness is spread about this important issue. Should your employer hold your passport, you have every right to demand it back.

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