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Bollywood is the new weapon of the human trafficker Posted on: 15-05-2015

Bollywood is the new weapon of the human trafficker. Delhi Police have arrested a man who was trying to send five people to the US while claiming that they were part of his production team and going there to shoot a movie, Study Abroad. Sources said Jasmeet Rai had applied for

visa at the US embassy, claiming he was a film producer.
“He said that they had travelled to Cambodia and Vietnam to see locations. But during interrogation, it emerged that Rai had applied for visa earlier, too, using a different name,” a senior police officer said.

An investigation has revealed that Rai was running the racket and would charge hefty amounts for sending people abroad. Apart from Rai, the others who had applied for visa were Mahender Mehla, Maheshkumar Babulal Patel, Puja Arora, Prince Singh and Gurdeep Singh.

Sources said there was a possibility that Rai was in possession of several other passports in the name of Gurdev Singh.

“The US embassy had found that he had earlier applied for visa as Singh. He is currently absconding while Mehla was arrested when he had come for interview at embassy,” the officer added.

The five had paid R15 lakh each to Rai to go to the US. Mehla had earlier claimed that he had invested R25 lakh in the film but later admitted that no film was being shot and the story was cooked up.

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