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Hong Kong skilled immigration programme. Posted on: 02-03-2016

There are a number of options available if you have the right skills and experience and wish to live and work in Hong Kong: the General Employment Policy (GEP) program for skilled workers with a job offer, and the General Points Test (GPT).

General Employment Policy

Foreign nationals with a job offer in Hong Kong who possess the right combination of skills, knowledge, and experience can immigrate to Hong Kong under the General

As wells as an offer of employment you will also need to show that you have relevant qualifications and experience for the job. The wage levels will also need to be at the prevailing wage for the job in the same profession.

General Points Test

The GPT is a points based immigration scheme similar to that offered by the UK and Australia. Individuals are assessed against a combination of criteria including age, language skills, academic qualifications, and work experience. A job offer from a Hong Kong employer is not required under this scheme.

Currently, you must score at least 80 points under the GPT test, which is subject to change from time to time.

The following is a quick breakdown of Hong Kong's skilled immigration points test:


  • 18-39 -- 30 points
  • 40-44 -- 20 points
  • 45-50 -- 15 points
  • 51+ -- 0 points

Academic Qualifications

  • Two or more Doctoral degrees -- 45 points
  • Doctoral degree / Two or more Masters degrees -- 40 points
  • Masters degree / Two or more Bachelors degrees -- 35 points
  • Bachelors degree / Professional Qualification -- 30 points

Work Experience at Professional or Specialist Level

  • 10+ years (5 in a senior role) -- 50 points
  • 5+ years (2 years in senior role) -- 40 points
  • 5+ years -- 30 points
  • 2+ years -- 10 points

Language Proficiency

  • Written and Spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) and English -- 20 points
  • Written and Spoken Foreign Language and Written and Spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English -- 15 points
  • Written and Spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English -- 10 points

Family Background

  • At least one immediate family member is a Hong Kong permanent resident -- 5 points
  • Accompanying spouse is educated at degree level or above -- 5 points
  • 5 points for each accompanying unmarried dependent child under 18 years of age (max of 10 points) -- 5/10 points

Hong Kong offers a progressive environment in a region often described as "East meets West". It is one of the World's leading international financial centres and is known for its low taxation and for being a free trade area.

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