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Germany on pace to attract 350,000 foreign students Posted on: 25-03-2016

Germany looms as large as ever on the world stage this year. A founding member of the European Union, it wields considerable political influence within Europe and around the world. It also boasts the largest economy in Europe, and the fourth-largest worldwide. The German economy is highly internationalised, built on exports, and, in December 2015, unemployment levels reached a new, post-reunification low.


German higher education is also well-regarded, and especially so for science and engineering studies. In the most recent Times Higher Education rankings of the Top 200 institutions in Europe, Germany ran a close second to the historically dominant UK with 36 institutions in the 2016 ranking, and 11 in the top 50.


All of these factors have combined to make Germany an increasingly attractive destination for foreign students, and one of the leading hosts of internationally mobile students worldwide. And to cap it all off, as of October 2014, higher education is completely tuition-free in Germany for both domestic and international students. Crown Immigration – whatsapp/vibre/mobile +919780563753, email

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