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Increase in Popularity of German Citizenship Program Posted on: 29-03-2016

The German Citizenship Program has straight away became the most desirable and prestigious program among other countries of the world. It not only provides the ownership of the passport but it also provides citizenship of one of the most dominant and influential countries of the world. Applicants are needed to demonstrate that they had got enough funds to make an investment of around 1 million in the economy of the Germany, through buying or developing a business project in Germany. This project should result in the creation or maintenance of ten jobs for German nationals. Applicants could choose which type of firm to invest in; it could be a brand business or the one which is already established in Germany. Triumphant applicants are immediately issued the similar rights as German nationals. Benefits of German Program The passport of Germany is matched in terms of status by those of the US and the UK, and it increases the status of its holders to the status of universal citizen. It also provides visa-free access to around 177 nations issued to its holder. • It provides citizenship of the fourth-largest economies of the world. • It provides visa-free access to 177 countries • Reside and work anywhere in Western Europe for unlimited time • It has got ten years of validity, and it is renewable for life time validity • No least residency needed.

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