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MFA launched e-visa, an electronic portal for foreigners Posted on: 03-05-2014

MFA has launched e-visa, an electronic portal for foreigners who want to obtain entry visa to Romania

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Wednesday launched the electronic portal e-VISA , for foreigners who wish to obtain a visa to enter Romania.

Present at the launch, Sorin Moses, secretary general of the Foreign Ministry, said that the project was co-financed from the European Social Fund Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development 2007-2013 and the cost of VAT 16,690,750, £ 84 of which 85% of the European Social Fund and 15% from the state budget.

Moses showed that through this portal foreign visa applicants may initiate the visa wherever they are using the Internet.
"This will mean a substantial shortening visa processing time and the time that a foreigner will happen in this case. (...) The project meets the Romanian state desire to integrate into a modern (...) and leads to the Romanian state in the medium and long obvious economic advantages given the interest that foreign nationals hope that they will have access to this type of project.'ll think here in particular that we attract more foreign tourists, foreign investors and foreign students through this modern tool for obtaining a visa for entry into Romania, "said Sorin Moses.

He said that the MFA runs in parallel and a project for Romanian citizens that they will be able to access quickly a general call center, thus reducing waiting times.

Moses said that the e-VISA was conducted over a period of 7 Monday, October 2013 - April 2014, and was completed within the period stipulated in the contract.

On the other hand, Cristian Jovan representative consortium of companies that have worked on this project, said that the portal will be available starting April 17. He explained that the site has two main areas: one for information and one for processing visa applications.

According to the MFA, the main objective of e-VISA portal is to provide equal access to all applicants, increase the efficiency of the visa applicants and comfort. MFA makes clear that e-visa system effectively handles visa applications for Romania - it is the responsibility of the current visa system, SNIV - but only plays the role of the electronic interface between users SNIV visa applicants.


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