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Uruguay is carrying out a Road show through world to promote the country as an investment destination. Posted on: 23-06-2016

Uruguay regularly organizing a roadshow through Austria, Finland, Denmark and Sweden with the aim of promoting the country as an attractive destination for productive investment, mainly in the forestry sector and will consist of events and meetings with companies, where opportunities offered by Uruguay will be presented.

In Sweden, in addition, will be participating  of the mission the National Institute of logistics (INALOG) to jointly promote investments in this sector. The roadshow is carried out with the support of the Uruguayan embassies and agencies of promotion of investments of the above said countries.

Uruguay has a stable and favorable legal framework for investment in the forestry sector and a national code for best forest practices in order to achieve sustainable production, meeting the requirements of international demand. Forest enterprises had an important participation in the total foreign direct investment in Uruguay. Between 2004 and 2013 the accumulated FDI in forestry, production of wood, products of wood, paper and the construction of pulp mills, exceeded 4billion dollars (investment in pulp mills represented something more than 70% of the total amount).

Meanwhile, the logistic Uruguay promotes the growth of international trade based on modern infrastructure and good governance activities. Strategic location in a regional market of more than 250 million allows the country to present itself as the best choice of entry into South America. The main centers of production and consumption are interconnected by the densest national roads network in Latin America. A regional system of modern waterway, port and airport terminals facilitate the international transit of goods.


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