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Good news for Malaysian Citizen Posted on: 02-05-2014

Visa Waiver for Malaysians will be a Possibility in the US

The U.S government will be working with the Malaysian government on including them in the United States Visa Program. In order for the Malaysian government to join the 37 others that have qualified and are listed in the program they will have to meet a set of qualifications set out by US laws and provisions.

US Immigration Of course this will not happen overnight, this matter still needs to be addressed. Countries currently on the VWP are currently able to visit and stay in the US for a maximum of 90 days without a visa. Malaysians are currently required to apply for a non-immigrant visa to be able to visit the US. The processing times for Malaysians applying to visit the U.S is currently between 1-3 months. This makes it hard, especially for their students due to the tough screening they go through when applying for a Visa.

Under the agreement they have also decided to have Malaysian Police sent to the US to have more training on intelligence.


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