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France Holidays Trip Posted on: 10-02-2017

#France #Holiday trip opportunity for youth!! The program design for #students and professionals explore to different country & #cultures peoples. Trip may be helpful to be #Settlement In #Europe. Yes. You can spend periods shorter and benefit longer and bigger. Eligible profiles students from #Institutes, #schools, #Colleges, #universities including young Professionals. High success #Visa results with the support of Inviting party.

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We would like to explore with you a possible collaboration around an educational holiday program we conduct for youngsters – called trip holidays  Under this program, the student shall be immersed in the French way of life over 10/17 days. It is a unique one-of-its-kind program for real acquaintance to the French culture and an international exposure overall. Please visit our nearest office  to get a good idea of what this program is all about.

 In Summary

-   For the first one/two weeks, the student will live with a French family as their guest (share home while having an independent room) in Vichy

-   The student will attend classes and workshops in French language and culture in the morning with other students of different nationalities

-   In the evenings, they will enjoy diverse cultural activities – almost every day – including excursions to the various towns and lakes of the beautiful Auvergne region, local food tasting, river rafting, biking, mini-golf, etc. That will still leave a lot of leisurely time available to the students to socialize with others, idly stroll in the streets, window-shop, laze off in the magnificent parks, walk beside the river Allier, etc.

-   The international exposure is huge with students of about a hundred nationalities visiting the institute every year

-   The student will enjoy exceptional independence despite being under the protective guardianship of an accompanying representative of the COTWP

-   The last 3 days will see the students relishing the touristic monuments and attractions of Paris like the Euro Disney, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, etc.

The program grants the student an unmatched exposure to real-life foreign environs.

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