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Europe Residency Program Under Investment Posted on: 11-02-2017

Residency is available in Slovenia through investment Program. This investor program grants a temporary residence permit to applicants investing €50,000 in our transport trucking program.  The amount is minimum investment required for residence permit. Excludes administration, government and processing fees.

The residency can be renewed after 5 years at no further cost. Citizenship can be applied for after 10 years. Slovenia is an EU Schengen visa country and this visa allows freedom of travel throughout the EU Schengen zone.

Key Facts

  •    Investment of €50,000 minimum
  •    Investment in our profitable transport business program
  •    Full family residency after one year of residence (Spouse& Children included)
  •    Flexibility- do business in all over Europe with your Slovenian registered company
  •   Permanent Residency after 5 years residence
  •    EU Schengen visa free  travel
  •    Permanent residency after 5 years of legal residence and Citizenship after 10 year of legal residence
  •    Visa free travel to all the EU Schengen Countries
  •    Health benefit for you and your family. Free education for your children

The Slovenian investor visa program is attractive to those investors seeking profitable investment and residency in Europe. Under government legislation the €50,000 investment under your registered company give you right to live and do business in Slovenia.

Currently it is possible to gain citizenship after 10 years. As it stands Hungary offers the one of the lowest business and living cost.

Our Transport Business Residency program

  •   We help client open a registered company and bank account in Slovenia.
  •   Client makes Euro 50,000 to Euro 70,000 Investment required to buy  one used  truck and trailer with our help
  •   We prepare all required document for residency for the investor for immigration and help him file the residency.
  •   We provide driver and contract for loads for your trucks and guide you through the initial set up of your business.

Approximate profit on trucking business

One set of truck and trailer can potentially make profit anywhere from 1500 euro to 2000 euro a month. And one used Truck and trailer cost at least Euro 50,000 to 70,000 after setting up and running company for some time we will also help our clients acquire leasing on your new trucks with just 20 percent down.  If you wish to add more trucks to your business.

It’s an estimated minimum profit figure from our research on if the truck is driven 11000 KM a month. Average trucks are driven 11000 km to 14000 km a month. Further if you wish to drive your own truck you can add another 1300 euro to 1800 euro as your income as a driver.  Depends on truck Km driven by you in a month.

Please contact us for further explanation and details Profit Loss Projection.

     BASED ON 11000 KM         BASED ON 13000 KM
     EXPENSE           EXPENSE  
      Monthly Gas  (without VAT)    €3,300.00         Monthly Gas  (without VAT)    €4,015.00
      Monthly Tolls ( Without VAT)    €3,100.00         Monthly Tolls ( Without VAT)    €3,640.00
      Driver Payroll    €1,750.00         Driver Payroll    €2,100.00
      Cargo Insurance    €100.00         Cargo Insurance    €100.00
      Service    €100.00         Service    €100.00
      Tires    €125.00         Tires    €125.00
      Registration    €70.00         Registration    €70.00
      GPS Communication    €50.00         GPS Communication    €50.00
      TOTAL EXPENSE    €8,595.00         TOTAL EXPENSE    €10,200.00
      Monthly Income 11000 KM x 1.00    €11,000.00         Monthly Income 13000 KM x 1.00    €13,000.00
      Total Profit after receiving VAT    €2,405.00         Total Profit after receiving VAT    €2,800.00

These are estimated projection for used walking floor trailer and truck. We will help secure loads from an Austrian company for your truck.

Please contact us for further explanation and details.

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