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European Resident Opportunity For Georgian Passport Holders Posted on: 03-04-2017

Opportunity for Georgian passport holders to become European resident (Poland and Portugal).   Family eligible for residency permits, flexibility –do business and work in all over Europe, permanent residency after 5 years, heath benefits. 

Please contact for Poland services concerning " visa , admission , immigration , business, tourist , post landing Service including airport pickup ,accommodation , market analyses, buy exciting and new business setup, Company formulation , tax management services ,temporary and permanent residency, sale purchase real estate and agriculture land ,appeals ,marriage registration ,apostle services and passport related inquires etc. more information

Crown immigration:

Georgia: + 995 574102932, + 995 579888401

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Poland: +48 736702810, +48 577510741

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India: +9180-8801-8801

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