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Azerbaijan detains 89 illegal migrants from India Posted on: 04-02-2018

Azerbaijan’s State Migration Service detained eighty-nine Indian citizens during the anti-migration measures taken in the capital city of Baku from January 29 to February 1.

The investigation revealed that the foreigners entered the country with visas, 36 of them were not registered at the place of residence, visas of 31 foreigners expired, 19 violated the purpose of their arrival in Azerbaijan and one failed to live at the place of registration, the State Migration Service told APA.

It was found out that Indian citizen Mohammad Sakir (born 1965), together with his compatriots Alimuddin Shaikh, SK Allarakha, Pathan Junedkhan Mukimkhan and Pakistani citizen Sajid Fraz, organized the arrival of the detainees in Azerbaijan, deceiving to provide them with jobs.

As a result of the measures taken, the organizers of the illegal migration channel – Mohammad Sakir, Pathan Junedkhan Mukimkhan and Alimuddin Shaikh – were detained.

Another member of the organized group Allarakha, aka Munna, was detained at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku on January 31 while attempting to leave the country. He was placed at the Baku City Detention Center for Illegal Migrants.

The members of the organized group took 400-500 US dollars from each of the Indian citizens brought to Azerbaijan with the promise of obtaining temporary residence permits for working and studying and legalizing their stay in the country. Azerbaijani citizen Fraz (Gunel Gasimova), who is the wife of Sajid Fraz, promised to provide enrolling the foreigners in universities.

In addition, Azerbaijani citizens – Vatn Humbatov and his mother-in-law Rafiga Naghiyeva – provided some of these foreigners with housing in Baku’s Ramana settlement.

At the same time, another Azerbaijani citizen Vafa Asgarova provided 8 of the foreigners with housing in Balakhani village.

Illegal actions of the foreigners were fully proved and the facts have been confirmed.

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