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4 EU toallocate 25million euros for development of agriculture in Armenia Posted on: 13-06-2014

4 EU toallocate 25million euros for development of agriculture in Armenia

The European Union will allocate 25 million euros for the development of agriculture in Armenia, 20 million of which will be provided as budgetary support, and 5 million for technical assistance. This was stated by the Head of the EU delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea, during a working consultation "From Stability to Development". He expressed hope that the EU-funded programs will promote the agricultural development. "Agriculture is one of the main branches of Armenia's economy. That is why we welcome the fact, that the Government of Armenia adopted the strategy of sustainable development of agriculture. Especially important is the role of women in the development of the field, because from rural areas men often go abroad to work, and women are engaged in agriculture" – reports “Armenpress”, citing Hristea.The Minister of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia Armen Gevorgyan also stressed the necessity of agricultural development, noting that the country's welfare and progress is impossible without developed agriculture. "For this, in the upcoming years we will invest our knowledge, to achieve visible progress in this field. Agriculture is not only a branch of economy for us, but it also provides balanced development of the population, ensures employment and has other important functions" – said Gevorgyan.

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