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Brazilian Permanent Residence Visa can be Granted to Foreign Investors Posted on: 22-10-2014

Brazilian Permanent Residence Visa can be granted to foreign investors if they invest at least BRL 150,000 in the country and the investment is approved by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The visa can be issued only after receiving the authorisation directly from Brazil.

Brazil is a beautiful country to live in. Before the launch of the Investor Visa system it was really difficult for foreigners to move there. The best solution was marriage or get a job. Of course these solutions were and are very difficult. Even now Brazilian employers don’t like to employ foreigners because of the bureaucratic process of obtaining the working visa for not Brazilian nationals. Property investment was difficult because of the same reason.

The investor visa is issued to those foreign citizens who establish business in the country and in common cases is valid for five years. After 5 years, the visa holder must apply for an extension and after ten years he/she will be eligible for the permanent residence permit.

Investment necessary for the visa can be done in an already formed Brazilian company or can be used to open a new one. In 2012, 817 investor visas were issued for mainly Portuguese, Spanish and Italian investors, according to The Brazil Business.

There is a solution for obtaining the investor visa with lower investment, but in this case must employ local workforce.

Process of obtaining the Brazilian Permanent Residence Permit Visa for investors

1. Obtain the CPF number (Taxpayer Registry)
2. Form a Brazilian company. The director or secretary must be a Brazilian national or permanent resident of the country.
3. Open a bank account.
4. Investment
5. Visa application
6. Obtaining the Visa. Upon the arrival to Brazil, the investor must visit the Federal Police and they will issue the “RNE”, which is the Brazilian ID card.
7. Transfer the director or secretary position to the new resident to gain control over the company.

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