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Good news buy property in Montenegro and get residency permit and able to apply Schengen Visa. Posted on: 11-11-2014
Issuance of a residence permit in Montenegro when purchasing real estate.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro published a draft law that provides new living conditions and accommodations for foreigners.
In addition to the traditional grounds for granting a residence permit in Montenegro (i.e., family reunification, education, medical treatment, etc.), Article 36 provides for the possibility of granting a residence permit for property owners in the country. Article 51 specifies that innovation and explains how to get a residence permit in the republic of Montenegro.
A residence permit will be issued to an alien who fulfills the conditions set out in Article 37 of this law, and as a confirmation and proof of the validity of the request, will provide a Certificate of Title, which confirms the ownership right to real estate in Montenegro, the proper value of which will be determined by a governmental authority on financial issues.
To obtain a residence permit in Montenegro on the basis of tenure, one must submit documents of title, certificates confirming the existence of a livelihood, or the means of subsistence, health insurance and a valid passport. The prerequisites are: the absence of a criminal record and proofs of the fact that the person does not represent a threat to the national security of Montenegro.
A residence permit in Montenegro will serve as a long-term tourist visa, by which you are allowed to stay in the country for more than 90 days. As opposed to ordinary tourists, holders of residence permits will also be able to obtain Schengen visas at the embassies of the respective countries in Montenegro, without having to return to the home. Montenegro is a very open and welcoming country that is very respectful and has a positive attitude towards foreigners; they are almost completely assimilated to the residents, in terms of opportunities to acquire real estate, as well as in matters of taxation.
The introduction of new conditions aimed at the development of high-end elite tourism have been created for and introduced to the citizens of Russia and other CIS countries that could purchase property in Montenegro and enjoy its beautiful climate indefinitely.
The government will separately determine additional conditions, as well as the minimum value of the property, the purchase of which would grant a residence permit. The final version of the Law will be published on the expiration of the time allowed for discussion (40 days). Public discussion of the Bill, in which every citizen can send in his or her comments and suggestions, will last until mid-February 2014.
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