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Assistance to Indian settled in abroad. Indian Settled in Aboard Services Posted on: 12-11-2014

 Our company is provided following assistance to Indian settled in abroad. Indian Settled in Aboard Services!! Indian Settled In Abroad Services!! Indian Settled in Abroad Services:-

  1. How to take financial assistance to Indian citizens and repatriation of Indian citizens from aboard,
  2. Assistance relating to whereabouts of Indian workers, Indian seamen etc.,
  3. Assistance for attestation of documents such as power of attorney, wills, oaths, affidavits, and documents relating to shipping, trade education, Nativity Certificate etc.,
  4. Registration of Births and deaths of Indian citizens,
  5. Solemnisation of Marriage under Special Marriage Act 1969, Foreign Marriage Act 1969 and rules there under,
  6. Assistance to arrested Indian citizens in abroad.
  7. Assistance in case of death of Indian citizens, death compensation and remittance thereof,
  8. Administration of Properties, Estates and Wills of Indian abroad,
  9. Assistance relating to war graves/war damage pay/pension/provident fund,
  10. Assistance for dealing with Civil and criminal proceedings against Indians abroad, and
  11. All types of assistance. India visa,
  12. Assistance for Universal visa or PIO card

More information please contact us Crown Immigration YouTube Channel or Crown Immigration – Jalandhar 0181-4615207, Whatsup/Vibre/Mobile +919780563753, skype crowngroups, email,


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