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About Belarus

Country Information
Capital City : Minsk
Total Area : 207,595 km2
Population : 9,481,000
Currency : Belarusian rubel(BYR)
Language : Belarusian, Russian
Neighbor Countries : Neighbor Countries: Latvia, Poland, Russia

Belarus is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by several countries, including Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine. Until the 20th century, Belarus was far from being an independent and autonomous state. As a matter of fact, all territories of the modern-day Belarus were territories of previous states including Lithuania and Russia. It was only in the early years of World War II that an independence movement was formed which led to the creation of the Belarusian Republic.

Tourists can travel to other parts of the country, in particular the city of Brest, near the Polish border, and Vitebsk, once home to painter Marc Chagall and host to the annual Slavonic Bazaar, a festival of central and eastern European culture.