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The Republic of Macedonia is a small, landlocked country in the Balkans, bounded on the north by Serbia, on the east by Bulgaria, on the south by Greece, and on the west by Albania.

Macedonia is a European country. Its capital is Skopje. Skopje is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Macedonia. It lies on the upper course of the Vardar River and is located on a major north - south Balkan route between Belgrade and Athens. Sometimes called Vardar Macedonia, after the Vardar river, which flows southeast through its territory into Greece, Macedonia consist mostly of highlands and mountains, with elevations reaching 2,751m in the Korab range on the Albanian border. The mountains consist of crystalline shale, dolomite, and limestone, with karst in some places; they are separated by tectonic depressions occupied by the Vardar River valley and by a number of lakes, the largest of which are Ohrid, Prespa, and Dojran. Earthquakes have occurred frequently in Macedonia.