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About Estonia

Geographical Information about Estonia :

Country Tallinn
Area: 45,336 sq km
Languages spoken: Estonian
Currency: Euro
Neighbour Countries: Finland, latvia, Baltic Sea
Continent: Europe (Schengen)

Major Facts about Estonia:

Major Business Sectors in Estonia -

  • Oil
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemical Products
  • Food & Fishing
  • Textiles
  • Services
  • Banking
  • Timber
  • Ship building
  • Electronics
  • Transportation

Minimum Wages (Salary) in Estonia as on Jan 2017 : 470 Euro Monthly

Benefits of being Resident of Estonia:

  • Free visa access to 27 countries of Schengen states
  • Permanent Residence after 5 years
  • Chance to live in Crime free and
  • High class living standard
  • Ample working & Business opportunities to work
  • Social Securities benefits
  • Free education to children upto Sr. Sec. level

Yearly Intake in Estonia:

Fall Semester

Classes start from September/October
Registration period – June to August
Deadline to apply in Embassy – till 31st August

Spring Semester

Classes start from January/February
Registration period – September to December
Deadline to apply in Embassy – till 31st December