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About Canada

Canada is one of the world's top immigration destinations with over 200,000 new arrivals coming under the Canada immigration system every year. Deciding to immigrate to Canada is a significant step in the lives of those who pursue this dream. Our website has been created to help those seeking to live and work in Canada.

Our Crown Immigration Consultancy will play an important role in obtaining your Canadian visa and starting a new life. We will provide assistance to individual to Apply for immigration to Canada. As the country looks for skilled and dexterous workers, we can help you move without any hassle. You will excel in the trade that you have chosen and the location will definitely boost your moral and confidence Our experts go through your documents which include your age, educational certificates, work experiences and assets to establish the visa that you can apply for. Transparency and a quality centric approach is our unique selling point that helps us gain an edge above our competitors.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) says that less than 50 percent of immigrants coming into the country this year will be selected through its much- anticipated Express Entry system. The new system, introduced by Canada's Conservative government, promised to match skilled economic migrants with the needs of employers.

Since the launch of the Express Entry on January 1, 2015, just over 6,850 prospective or approximately 2,300 immigrants per month, have been invited to lodge an application for permanent residency. It won't be until 2017 that a majority of immigrants are processed through the new system.