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About Fiji

Geographical Information about Fiji :

Capital city: Suva
Population: 858,038
Total Area: 18,274 km2
Language spoken: English
Currency: Fijian Dollar(FJD)
Neighbour Countries: Tuvalu, Newzealand, Papua New Guinea

The heart of the South Pacific, Fiji blessed with 333 tropical islands that are home to happiness. For the perfect holiday, choose from affordable accommodation all the way through to exclusive 3 star and 5 star resorts, bunk down in a hostel or book an island yourself .Wedding and honeymoon in Fiji are a dream of a lifetime ,and families and children have a special place here .

Nowadays, Fiji is promoting an international student for study streams such as Diplomas, Graduation and post graduation programs. There would be a bright future for the learners in the coming days. Annually, Thousands of students are moving for the further study in this country.