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The Investment in Portugal developed and managed by the well known and experienced Crown Land Developers & Builders LLC, and is deposited at Banco Millennium BCP.

It has as main objective the capitalization of Portuguese companies that will invest in areas that are performing well and bringing high returns. The competitive advantage of the fund is due to the fact that the management team presents, for each investment a clear Entry and Exit Strategy for all their investors, with always good returns on their investments (ROIs).

Crown Land Developers is managed by a Local Experience Team with various backgrounds such as Real Estate Investment consultants and Tourism Industry experts that developed a methodology for investors to profit from one of the most dynamic Markets in Europe: PORTUGAL.

By investing on the value of 350.000 Euros, the investor is immediately qualified for a RESIDENCE PERMIT in Portugal (Golden Visa) and after 6 years able to apply for Citizenship.


Crown Land Developers will follow a strategy focused on capitalising SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Portuguese companies that will invest in the 2 most profitable industries in Portugal: Real Estate and Tourism.

The Fund has the commitment of investing only in projects that the Entry and Exit Strategy is clear and with low risk, having guarantees over 120% of investment.

Our Crown Group team developed partnerships with local agents that easily access the potential buyers for the Real Estate Assets being developed by local performing companies..

Investment will be focus in developing new real estate assets which are having a high demand and generate results through sales and rental income.

Invsest Safe in One of the

Most Dynamic Real Estate markets

The last year was one of the best year in the last decade for the Real Market in Portugal. The trend for the coming years is of growth and consolidation of this market.


  • The last year was one of the best years in the last decade for the Real Estate Market;
  • Average capital gains in main Portuguese cities from 2014 to 2016: 12%/ year;
  • Expected Average capital gains in main Portuguese cities from 2016 to 2019: 17%/ year


  • For the coming years the market will clearly grow and consolidate;
  • Demand for properties will increase due to tax incentives and investment programs launched by Portuguese authorities (Golden Visa and NHR)
  • Low supply of Real Estate products and Low interest rates on deposits will increase Investment in properties


  • The Tourism is by far the most important industry in Portugal since long;
  • Portuguese tourism industry in 2016 smashed all the records yet again. The report of the National Statistics Edition (INE) stated that the overnights stays increased, the guests increased, the occupancy rate increased, and the revenues increased as well. Portuguese tourism achieved one of the best European performances
  • The national accommodation establishments hosted around 19 million guests (of which more than 11 million were from abroad), corresponding to more than 53.5 million overnight stays.
  • Portugal’s tourism revenues increased by 10.7% last year, for a total of 12.68 billion euros. The Portuguese tourists, in turn, spent 3.84 billion abroad, with the tourism balance surpassing the 8.8 billion mark. This means that, in 2016, tourism represented about 68% of the balance of services, whereas the balance of goods and services (which registered in 2016 a balance of about 4 billion) would be a loss- maker without tourism.


% of total

% of total

Direct contribution to GDP 13.3 6.4 2.8 16.6 7.3 2.2
Total contribution to GDP 34.4 16.6 2.6 42.6 18.5 1.9
Direct contribution to employment4 371 8.1 3.4 441 9.6 1.4
Total contribution to employment4 905 19.6 3.0 1,034 22.6 1.0
Visitor exports 16.7 20.5 3.8 22.6 22.0 2.7
Domestic spending 8.2 4.0 0.7 9.0 3.9 0.9
Leisure spending 21.1 5.3 2.9 26.6 6.1 2.1
Business spending 3.8 1.0 2.3 5.0 1.2 2.4
Capital investment 3.0 9.8 2.4 3.7 10.2 2.1

'2016 constant prices & exchange rate; ² 2017 real growth adjusted for inflation (%); ³ 2017-2027 annualised real growth adjusted for inflation(%);4000 jobs




  • Low interest rates on bank deposits increased the investment in properties. Owners are able to place those properties in Short rental market for Tourists
  • Programs like the Golden Visa Resident Permits obliged investors, that were not willing to relocate to Portugal, to invest in Real Estate. Those properties are being managed by local property management companies that rent them on a short rental basis to tourists.


  • 42.000 units registered to be rented out in a short rental basis
  • Just AirBnB guarantees that 1.66 Million Euros Income were generated in this platform to owners of properties in Portugal
  • The same platform states that, only in 2016, they managed to receive 1,6 Million Visitors and generated a 1.07 Billion Euros in economic activity
  • 2014 to 2016: 204% was the increase of properties registered in Portugal for Short Rental

(Golden Visa Applicants)

Fund Manager - LINCE


Investors have several Exit Strategy

Development of Real Estate Assets

Touristic properties

Entry Strategy:

Investment Profile:

  • Investment in Portuguese SME (SPV) that will develop new Real Estate Assets and Touristic services that will generate profits for the Fund
  • Minimum Investment: 350.000 Euros
  • Investment over the Minimum in multiples of 50.000 Euros
  • Minimum Investment Period: 7 years
  • Expected Annual Profit: 4 to 6%
  • Annual Profit Distribution: 50% of the profits

Exit Strategy:

Investment Profile:

  • The Fund allows investors ways to abandon the Investment:
    1. Complies with 7 years investment is able to benefit from the yearly profits and total Return on Investment at year 7.
    2. Sell the Shares to other investor (10% commission charged and profits deducted)
    3. Exchange the shares for Real Estate assets from the SPVs (Based on Assets Selling price)
  • The fund will focus on leveraging SPVs that create, sell and short rent New Real Estate Assets for their own clients
  • SIF is an Investment Fund that allows Investors to benefit from a residence Permit in Portugal, during the years of the investment, Permanent Residence after 5 years and citizenship after 6 years.
  • Lower Income Tax. Reduce investment compared with alternative of owning Real Estate Asset.
  • High Return on Investments (ROIs) (Expected 15 to 25% during 7 years)
  • Experienced Team Managing The Funds – LINCE CAPITAL SCR SA
  • Multitasked and credible Team Managing the SPVs with several years experience in Real Estate Investments and Property Management