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Skilled Job Visa Australia

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Skilled Workers Visas, Australia

  How do you Qualify?
  The Skilled of Australia’s Migration Program is specifically designed to target the migrants who have skills or outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy. The Australian Government is committed to turn the emphasis of the Migration Program increasingly towards skilled migration, while maintaining a commitment to family reunion migration.
  The overall skill level of migrants entering Australia has been increasing in the recent years. The basic requirements for the Skilled Worker are: Age- which should be below 45 years, Proficiency in English and Educational Qualification- which is assessed by the relevant Assessment Authority, suitable for the nominated occupation. The applicant must nominate a skilled occupation which suits his/her skills, qualifications and recent work experience and that occupation must be on the Skilled Occupations List.
  If the applicant does not obtain sufficient points for one of the Skilled Visas, then he/she should consider a Matching Visa. This particular Visa is not point tested. An applicant, for a Matching Visa must have been employed in a skilled occupation for at least six months in the twelve months before applying for immigration. The applicant must also satisfy the requirements for skill, be under the age of forty-five years and have proficiency in English language.
  To apply for this Visa, the applicants must have their qualifications and experience assessed by an Assessment Authority. If the qualifications and experience are found to be satisfactory, then an application can be filed for the Matching Visa. All the documentation required for a Visa must be lodged at the time of filing the Visa application.
  To gain the benefits from this Visa, the applicants must be prepared to initially accept a job anywhere in Australia. A prospective employer will sign a contract with the applicant for a certain period of time. Once that period has expired or is terminated by mutual agreement or otherwise, the client is free to take up a position anywhere in Australia.
  Employment Prospects
  Since the geography and culture of Australia is so diverse, the job opportunities available here are incredibly diverse too. You may even be able to gain recognition in Australia for the educational qualifications you have gained, before entering Australia. This will make your employment search even easier. Job vacancies are easy to locate. They are listed in the Jobs or Positions Vacant / Employment sections in Australian newspapers. There are private employment agencies listed in the telephone directory.
Australia needs your skills. Despite a global slowdown, Australian economy remains one of the strongest in the world with over 100,000 jobs being advertised every week. This shows that employers need skilled candidates.
  What occupations are currently MODL?
  Latest MODL list can be seen from this link :-